Race Kart Rentals

prepped, reliable, and competitive race karts for rent

There are many good reasons to rent one of the Royale fully prepared Margay race karts.  Perhaps you are a newbie trying to decide on whether karting is for you?  Maybe you and your friends want to compete on track to see who is best?  Perhaps you are looking to compete in a series and desire a competitive advantage and professional support?

Royale Race Karts wants to help!  We offer several race karts of varying capabilities to suit you the driver and your need for speed.  These race karts are available for race kart weekends; in particular PittRace Karting 206Cup Series.  Give Royale a ring on the telephone or CONTACT US to discuss the particulars and your needs as a new or existing experienced driver.

The ‘Royale’ Difference

Rental rates include kart transport to/from the event.
Data acquisition, and video recorder supplied with the race kart rental.
Discounts on track services and full access to pit equipment (if during one of Royale’s already SCHEDULED events)
Discounts on Kart Equipment & Gear