January 2019 — Purchase, Margay Racing

Purchased the Margay Kart in order to have Royale Race Karts participation in the PIRC Karting – 206 Cup Series for 2019 on the Wilson Circuit.  The kart is available for ‘Arrive&Drive’ along with the others in inventory, please do not hesitate to reach out and discuss options as well as benefits of running with Royale Race Karts.

Kart Specifications:

Model: 2018 Ignite K3 with LO206 Engine Package
Serial #: K34548
Paint: Black
Bodywork: New KG FP7/Stilo
Graphics: Red Ignite factory black decals
Spindles: 17mm heat-treated
Rear axle size/type: 40mm x 1040mm ‘B’
Rear hubs: 40mm x 65mm aluminum
Brakes, type: MCP Cast braking system
Rear Bumper: KG adjustable width, plastic rear bumper
Seat: G-Seat fiberglass
Engine package: Briggs LO206 engine package, Hilliard Flame clutch
Wheels: DWT AlumiLite, 5″ x 135mm / 5″ x 7.75″
Tires: Bridgestone 4.5/7.1 YDS
Steering Wheel: Flat Top
Sale price: $3,024



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